Which Window Material Suits your Home?
Windows & Doors / March 29th, 2017 10:28 am
If you want to invest in new windows for your home, you’ll need to think carefully about why you want new windows first. This is because what you want will influence what material you should choose for those windows; however, the property's visual style will also play a big part. During this process, your reasons for change could influence the material you choose. Here are several steps to take in the attempt to discern whether aluminium, timber or PVCu windows are for you.

Consider your reasons for wanting new windows
Maybe, quite simply, you want to give your house a visual makeover - and new windows will help you along the way. It's true that tired-looking properties can look a lot better - and also increase in value - once a few carefully chosen windows have been installed on them.
However, you may also have security concerns - and these could be addressed by windows with security features more advanced than those in your current windows. Those windows might have originally b...